TmT’s teaches how to take care of your hair

ü  1. learn how to do your own hair
ü  2. stick to natural oils
ü  3. Use quality products
ü  4. massage your scalp
ü  5. Keep hair moisturized; especially the ends (Find a leave-in that moisturizes your hair)
ü 6. Wait AT LEAST 8 weeks in between touch-ups. (relaxer)
ü  7. Protect your relaxed ends when you get a touchup by using conditioner, oil, or grease.
ü  1. Relax the day after you take braids out.
ü  2. Leave the relaxer on for more than 20 minutes.
ü  3. Over-process your hair or under-process your hair
ü  4. Don’t be afraid of water … it’s your friend
ü  5. Permanently dye relaxed hair or bleach relaxed hair
ü  6. Color, and then neglect your hair.
ü  7. Skip a leave-in especially if you use heat.
ü  8. Skip deep-conditioning treatments.
ü  9. Trim your hair every relaxer, unless your ends are healthy and even.
ü  10. Over-manipulate your hair with tight hair styles and hair accessories
ü  11. Use products without knowing the ingredients.
ü  12. Comb ur hair when it’s soaking wet
ü  13. Brush your hair when wet.
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