‘My Dad Is Great In Bed, Now Am Jealous Of My Mum’

Letter from anonymous

I am a 26 year old girl from Abuja and I’m in love with my father. We have been f*cking for the past 4 month now and he is very great in bed.

Now I am jealous of my mother because he sleeps with her too. I wish she would disappear somewhere and let me be the only one to satisfy him coz I know I can. He gives me everything I ask for.

I know I just love opening my legs to him. Are there other people like me?

Hmmmm PLs Comment

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  1. Incest!!..dats wat dis is called..if u ever have a book called the HOLY BIBLE..read it nd see if u can deal wit all d curses dat comes wit dis…seriously babe!!! Ur DAD!!!….pathetic

  2. U r sick..pls try and book a session wit pastor chris so dat u can b exorcised of ur demons and evil spirits

  3. Hey girl dat is pathetic.pls u nid a deliverance

  4. Crazy innit? Girl be banging the hell out of her Dad…dah milf gross mehn

  5. are u looking for a suger mummy or daddy plz call dis line 08132333771 plz be mature.

  6. Sorry, you were born Nigerian by mistake. You are supposed to be a white gal from the southern region of the US and you r name shld be betty lou and you dads name shld be Jeddadiah from

  7. F**k ur dad? At age 26? You must insane? Have you thought of what your mother will do if she finds out? Bcos she must one day, both you and ur dad needs deliverance, he should have shown you love in another way nauw.how did it ever start, how can ur dad arouse you? ???

  8. Maybe there is no guy in Abuja to satisfy you???????????? abi maybe na swear from your village people them.

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