Public Opinion: My Girlfriend Beats me but i still love her

Okay guys, I got this ail yesterday from a reader and its reads

My Name is Victor, I live in Abuja with My girlfriend. I love my girlfriend so much but whenever she gets angry she beats me up.

i’m afraid to leave because i dont want to lose her but anytime she gets upset its as if the sky will fall and then she starts beating me. There was a day i came back late from work and she suspected that i was having an affair with another girl and so she started whipping me with her belt.

I love her so much. What should i do?


PLs comment


  1. Better run for ur life before she kills u

  2. she’s ur girlfriend not ur wife You had better leave her now before she kills you

  3. Are you still talking about love? Better run for your there life before is too late.

  4. pls endure….. ur reward is heaven…lol

  5. Get a life and leave the crazy ass heifer! Ode!

  6. Lmao!!!U want 2 spend al ur savings on hospital bills shey?Abeg remain is Love…………..*Peace*

  7. Oga beta run 4 u̶̲̥̅̊я̩̥̊ life…..

  8. Joke of the century

  9. Ode ni eeeeeee ooooo. Mumu oshi.

  10. Lmfao,lwtmb,infact csl,uve got 2 b kiddin me.I agree dat ur reward is in heaven,so keep enduring 4 luv ooo,ode oshi!

  11. Mehn, that nigga is Gay !! How your girlfriend finna be Beating you up ! Shiii

  12. Wow! This is crazy! Is it that u don’t wanna hit her back or wat? U do realize that she is abusing you , physically and mentally? My dear,love isn’t the only issue ere, ur entire state of mind is at stake. Either u tell her to keep her emotions in check, or u leave her. Its dat simple.

  13. She is not under her control.keep praying for her.or take her for deliverance if you love her that much.and u’r not a mumu.ur nt d only one goin tru her to TB Joshua.

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