Some people are born with talent and natural swag that overwhelms them,that others cant help but notice,JASON CHIKA SAMUEL is one of those guys,The smooth talking,drop dead,young and cute director of the NIGERIAN fashion brand JASON PORSHE CLOTHING.CO has made it his mission to fuse art,design and of course fashion into his work,His early career as a designer and his unique unique creativity is a reflection of his approach to his work.

Born in 1993,Jason Samuel a nigerian fashion designer,has become known in port-harcourt for his T-SHIRTS & SUITS,At 16 jason fell in love with art which is speaking for itself on the kind off prints his t-shirts unveil,He was asked to go into modeling by one of his teachers who saw his passion for art and fashion early enough,although his paintings and sketches made quite an impression he never at that time thought he’d go into fashion designing or let it become part of his life.A few years later he met a tailor,who at that time just made random clothes for people,and it was at that time jason earnestly began working towards his goal in a studio in port-harcourt Nigeria,over the next few years he went for his fashion show at The Atrium in port-harcourt called the LVM RUNWAY of which he was the youngest designer,after showcasing that evening,he was half way down the runway taking a bow when he realised that the audience were on their feet clapping .

The 18yrold was thrilled..about six months later when jason became 19yrs old he unveiled so many other collection like The fringe series,urban extra,the quirk series,the blazer series  &the classy urban series which stormed the current issue of BE YOU MAGAZINE n lots more.The young fashion warlock who also stormed kenya’s finest fashion blog”THE KENYAN STYLISTA” is currently working on his new collection called ‘THE ELUSIVE INVASION” live in lagos starring singers like TUNDE EDNUT,DIPP,KIDA KUDZ(LONDON),karat kid,karen igho’s younger brother “KIDO” n port-harcourts finest music video producer”EDDIE IZZYCS”n lots more…and he says with DIPP&TUNDE EDNUT in this one he’s ready to kill the RED CARPETS and of course murder music videos,SO keep calm and brace yourselves..

THE ELUSIVE INVASION collection will invade the world soon.

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