If Christianity is said  to be a monotheistic religion based on the life and oral teachings of Jesus as presented in the New Testament and also going by the notion that Christianity should be learned from the bible only,then don’t you find it awkward and strange that Jesus Christ himself never wrote a line, nor ever commanded his Apostles to scribble any sort of scripts that would have featured in the bible today?

Come to think of it, the
New Testament informs us that Jesus could both read and write. The gospel of Luke tells us of an incident where Jesus read from Prophet Isaiah, while A passage in John’s gospel demonstrates that Jesus had the ability to write.

And so ask yourself this question; why should a religion whose doctrine centers on a mystic figure “Jesus’’ have no tangible written account by the  redeemer of the religion.

According to John’s gospel, Jesus’ adventures were too numerous to be documented, John 21:25 ‘‘but there are also many other things that Jesus did; if every one of them were written down, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written’’, let’s take this to be an hyperbole anyway but, in my own opinion, these omissions could have served as better accounts and relatively significant life tales and teachings of Jesus than the unnecessary repetitions we are saddled with in the Gospels.

The content of the Holy Bible couldn’t have been unknown to Jesus Christ even before he was sent down to earth.

If Jesus could read and write, then why didn’t he leave behind anything for humanity?

I think Humanity deserves the first-hand knowledge of his innermost thoughts; we should dwell on all his practices and abide by his moral standards.

John 20:30 “and many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book’,humanity did miss some Grand Slams that featured Jesus’ great achievements!

The Bible is riddled with unnecessary repetitions and astonishing contradictions and which I feel wouldn’t have be present if it had been written by a single soul whose perfection can’t be matched by no man; Jesus!

The content of the Holy Bible couldn’t have been unknown to Jesus Christ even before he was sent down to earth.

Perhaps, the Holy bible would have been a more cohesive and organic one if it had been written by a single person, preferably; JESUS!

-Daramola Rotimi Samuel and DOTUN


  1. Daramola n Dotun.Let me hlp u wit ur foolishness n total ignorance.why don’t u say if God was real,let him speak 2 d world audibly consistently.Let him speak 4rm heaven so u and every one can hear.

  2. You can as well say if there is Allah, while can’t He(Allah), just appear to the whole world and talk to all human being instead of imam and the rest. What you shld be concern wit iz the life style u r living. R u part of d ISIS,BOKO HARAM dat r KIDNAPPING, RAPING and KILLING harmless people all in d name of religion. While dnt both of u(Daramola n Dotun) accept JESUS into ur life so He can come n reveal himself to you.

  3. That was just a mere opinion,and FYI I’m A Christrian………..Thanks for reading and criticizing anyway.

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