150 drowned, others shot dead while running ‪from ‎Boko Haram‬ in Yobe

At least 150 people drowned in a river while others were shot dead after Boko Harm men attacked Kukuwa-Gari village in Yobe state last Thursday August 13th.

The residents of the village were running from the sect members when they drowned in the river

“They opened fire instantly, which forced residents to flee. They shot a number of people. Unfortunately many residents who tried to flee plunged into the river which is full from the rain. Many drowned.
By our latest toll we have 150 people either (shot dead) or drowned in the attack. The gunmen deliberately killed a fisherman who tried to save drowning residents of the village.”Modu Balumi, a resident of the village told AFP.

News of the attack surfaced five days after because the telecommunications masts had been destroyed by the sect members.

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