Monk Chief - Conga Cover - Final

Monk Chief is a recording artist specializing in R&B, Pop and Hip Hop music. A true innovator, much of his music is freestyled with lyrics improvised on the spot. Often creating his own audial and visual projects from scratch, he makes sure to incorporate his authentic style, undeniable charisma and unique voice into each project he touches. Monk Chief started out as a composer but before long found himself in the spotlight as a singer, working on several projects both in his home town as well as abroad. Originally from Nigeria, Monk Chief moved to South Africa to, in his own words, ‘reconstruct himself’.

Fast forward to today, and Monk Chief is working on his solo debut album, of which the first single, ‘Conga’, is set to release soon,

Driven, ambitious and multi talented, Monk Chief is determined to make his debut in the global entertainment industry a bang that cannot be ignored. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. If it’s a track with the Monk Chief, it’s a guaranteed hit.

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