Destination of the week: KATSINA

Since President Muhammadu Buhari took over the reins of power at Aso-Rock in Abuja, Katsina, Daura specifically, has become a Mecca for all and sundry. From witty politicians to the incurable tourist and age-long presidential friends, they troop to this small town for different purposes.

Separated from Kaduna State in 1987, Katsina state is populated by the Hausa/Fulani ethnic group with apopulation of 3.8 million according to the 2006 census. It has 34 local government areas.

The Katsina Royal Palace ‘Gidan Korau’ was built in 1348 AD by Muhammadu Korau who is believed to be the first Muslim King of Katsina. This explains why it is traditionally known as ‘Gidan Korau’ (House of Korau). It is one of the oldest and among the first generation Palaces in Hausaland. The rest are that of Daura, Kano and Zazzau.

Heralded with a rich and impeccable history, there are ancient monuments spread across the state that lends credence to this history. These and much more will be disclosed by, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal, which will help tourists and visitors have an animate and enthralling stay at the home of hospitality.



Gobarau Minaret

The Gobarau Minaret is a testament of Katsina religious and historical background. This minaret is part of aMosque that was constructed during the reign of Muhammed Korau in 1348 and it is reported to be over 650 years old. The 3 storey building Minaret is 15 metres high.

Its distinct location which is the centre of the city and few kilometres away from the Emir’s Palace makes it easily noticeable immediately you drive into the city centre. It is a must see monument.

Jibia Holiday Resort

Aside from being a hub for relaxation and fun seekers, it is also a location that holds bits and pieces of Katsina’s history. While sipping a bottle of soda, you can take time out to explore ancient rocks and age long paintings on caves which date back decades ago. These rock paintings acknowledge the occupation and artistic orientation of early settlers in Birnin Kudu where the resort seats.

Kusugu Well and Artifact

The Kusugu Well is a mysterious borehole that was discovered by hunters over a thousand year ago. It is locatedin Daura. The water according to the people has never dried up and it is believed to have healing powers.  Over the years, the Kusugu well has become an important monument receiving visitors from far and wide.



Living up to its slogan as the home of hospitality in Nigeria, Katsina state has exquisite hotels where guest spent the night. These hotels are graded from 5 star to 1 star. Accordingly, they serve the purpose of the traveller depending on the price they have to offer for their stay in the hotels. Generally, the hotels which are more concentrated in Katsina are affordable. The highest price is N15,000 while the minimum price for a comfy room is N2,500. This inexpensive prices and much more can be gotten by visiting Some of these hotels include Al-Bhustan Hotel Ltd, Katsina Motel, Fadama view motel, Katsina Sahara Suite, Liberty Bounty Hotel Annex, Zambrush Suite and Restaurant.


The state is in Northern Nigeria. Hence, there is little or no difference with their counterparts in other Northern states. Some of these foods are Tuwo, Kuli-Kuli, Masa, Suy, Yagi, Kunun, tsere and Fura de Nunu according Some the restaurants to have these tasty delicacies include Enjoyment City Restaurant Services,Katsina City Restaurant Royal, Alamir Restaurant and Maidukiya Chicken.  You also get continental dishes from some of these select restaurants.


Small scale or retail stores are the main shopping hubs that you easily walk into to perform any business transactions. Notwithstanding, there are few mega-malls where you can walk in also to do your shopping. It solely depends on your pocket. These shopping centres are Bashir Enterprises, Gifco Cards and gifts supermarket, and Pottty makers SU limited amongst many shopping complexes domiciled in the state.


President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR; is from Katsina state.

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