Fashion Photography on Instagram: What Beginners Need To Know

If the iPhone made people fall in love with digital photography, then Instagram made them addicted to photo sharing. With over 400 million photo lovers posting more than 70 million photos every day, it can be said that the site has taken the art of fashion photography to the next level.


People share photos on Instagram because (1) they love it (2) they want to get recognition for their achievements and (3) to stay connected with their friends and relatives. In a way, photo sharing is also a great stress-breaker. If you love to explore more, then take a look at 12 Fashion Photography Tips For Better Instagram Promotion.

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You might use Instagram as either a platform to promote your business or just to keep your followers updated on the most recent happenings in your life. No matter what your purpose is, gaining more followers makes you even more popular and even achieve celebrity status on social media.  You would love that, right? A lot of beginners have become overnight celebrities by sharing awesome photos on Instagram. If you wish to become the next superstar on social media, make sure to implement these tips.

  1. Plan well

You might wonder, “does photography need planning?” Well, absolutely. Everything starts with planning. Even if you are an amateur photographer, you can take awesome shots just by choosing the right angle, lighting, location, costume, background, makeup, and hairstyle. And yeah, filters and special effects. Make sure to consider these factors before you start capturing photos the next time.

  1. Prefer different types of photos

No follower will like to see the same type of photo every time. In order to keep people guessing and interested in your updates, you need to make it a habit to vary your photo style.

If you are promoting your business on Instagram, then share more of employee and customer centric photos. Even product and service related images will help drive crazy engagement to your profile. On the other hand, if you are promoting an event or launching a new product, then Instagram contest photos are a perfect choice. Likewise, you can experiment with blogger-centric photos to attract visitors to your blog.

  1. Share more photos

The Instagram population is about the size of an ocean. If you wish to get your photos noticed by your target audience, then merely posting one or two photos a day isn’t just enough. Remember that as a beginner who is targeting thousands of followers, you need to share at least 5-7 great photos every day. The more you post, the more first-time profile viewers will have a reason to stay longer on your timeline. Try posting a collage of images relevant to what you are offering. If you are an aspiring fashion photographer, then it makes sense to make a collage of the top 10 fashion design trends for 2016 and share it on your timeline.

  1. Use a camera

If you are taking photos using your phone, then you should probably start using your camera for better quality. It’s easy to take pictures using your phone and apply filters and share them on your Instagram account instantly. But great photos aren’t about how fast you share, they’re about how good you make your photos look. Not necessary that you need to invest in a professional camera, it’s okay if you use your DSLR for photography. The settings are a lot more elaborate in the cameras than in mobile phones, so you can see a big difference in the quality of photos. Unlike most other niches, fashion is more about quality and this is where using the camera makes a difference.

  1. Customize your photos for the lighting

Yes, the color of the day determines the mood of your photo. If a bright, stylish photo is what you are looking for, then shooting in the daytime is the best choice. On the other hand, if you prefer showcasing your photo skills with some sexy, cool stills, then it makes sense to shoot in the night. All modern DSLR’s have different settings option to suit the lighting. Make sure to adjust them according to the color of the day so that you get better photos for the golden hour and blue hour.

  1. Prefer horizontal shots

Instead of going for the vertical shots, if you prefer the horizontal position you will find cropping and photo-framing a lot easier while editing. That’s not mandatory though. You can still continue to capture images in vertical position, but a few in horizontal snaps will look better on your timeline.

  1. Use Third Party Editing Apps

Third party photo editing apps can make your work a lot easier and your photos a lot better. Make sure to experiment with top Instagram photo editing apps like Layout by Instagram, Latergramme, Snapseed, Anticrop, Afterlight, and Quick. From adjusting the brightness to contrast and eliminating blemishes, the apps can come in handy when it comes to enhancing the look of your fashion photos.

  1. Use relevant Hashtags

Even if you are beginner, you will be able to create inspiring photos using the above techniques. So, what’s next? The next thing is to make sure your photos get noticed. The secret mantra for getting more visibility on Instagram is using relevant hashtags in your updates. However, see to that you don’t go overboard with this one. It’s good to include 10-15 hashtags per image depending on your promotional goals.  

  1. Connect with community users

In order to get your great photos recognized on Instagram, it’s important that you connect with the right audience. Find your niche, if it’s fashion photography, then enter the keyword and hit the search button. You will get a list of popular Instagram handles you can check out and connect with.

Some of the best known ways to communicate with community members include visiting a competitor’s profile and commenting on their posts, answering to audiences’ questions, sharing useful information about the industry, and tagging people in your updates.


Follow these techniques and you will soon see yourself attracting followers from within your industry and even outside, if you like that! Good luck.

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