Unilever Plc makers of Sunlight detergent your number one laundry detergent, brings to your screens Laraba’s World, a Hausa language TV drama series that showcases the wisdom, resourcefulness and resilience of Laraba, an ideal Sunlight woman
The drama series features interesting story lines woven around Laraba (a school teacher) acted by Deihlar Musa and the women in her community on how she helps resolve issues of the members of her community in an educative and entertaining way.

In this week’s episode, Laraba is puzzled by the poor performance of her star student- Kande. She is so worried that she visits Kande’s home and finds out that the 14-year-old is soon to be married off. Laraba pleads with Kande’s mother to allow the teenager finish her studies before getting married but her pleas fall on deaf ears. She spurs into action with her fellow teacher Ahmed, who also happens to be Kande’s secret crush. They join forces and convince Kande’s mother about the future benefits of marrying out a more educated daughter. The marriage is halted and Kande is back in school.

Syndicated across TV sta¬tions in the North and on DSTV, the huge¬ly entertaining Hausa drama started airing on the 15th of September and is scheduled to run for 12 episodes of 30 minutes each.

Brand Manager, Sunlight, Ojeabuo Akhiojemi said “the drama series follows Laraba, a school teacher who is a true Sunlight woman who is wise, versatile and resourceful as she helps her neighbors overcome the issues they face“
“The storylines are not only entertaining, but also reflect every¬day situations that every woman can relate to, and of course, our listeners have a chance to win prizes when they watch the drama series and interact with us via our Facebook page:” He added:

Laraba’s World TV Drama series will air on these TV stations : Arewa24 TV on DSTV (channel 261) and GOTV ( channel 101) – Sundays (7:00pm),AIT Abuja – Sundays (6:00pm),STV Jos – Mondays (5:30pm),Nassarawa State TV – Fridays (7:00pm),Confluence TV Kogi– Saturdays (7:00pm),NTA Makurdi – Mondays (7:30pm),AIT Kaduna – Sundays (6:00pm),Kebbi State TV – Thursdays (6:30pm),NTA Kano – Mondays (6:30pm),NTA Sokoto – Saturdays (8:00pm),KSTV Katsina – Sundays (7:00pm),NTA Gusau – Saturdays (7:00pm),NTA Bauchi – Tuesdays (6:30pm),NTA Maiduguri – Tuesdays (6:00pm), Gotel TV Yola, Sundays(6.30pm),NTA Gombe – Saturdays (7:00pm).

So take a journey with Laraba every week and become the Sunlight woman you ought to be!

Sunlight…Burst after Bursts of freshness!

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