Top 10 Things You Should Never Do At Work

Just like there are things that you should be doing during your work time, there are also things that you must avoid doing. 

1)Avoid Gossip and office politics
Do not indulge in office gossip. It may be fine to comment on office happenings but it should be limited.Office gossip tends to spread rumors.A rumor about co-workers, your seniors or yourself can spoil relations. You can even lose your job due to extreme gossiping. Always remember too much of gossiping in office is unhealthy. Also avoid being part of office politics. You have been appointed to do a specific job and you must give your best shot it. Your career is more important that empty words that do no good to anyone. 

2)Do not bring personal problems to office
It is always wise not to bring your work to home and avoid bringing your personal concerns at workplace. Do not discuss your worries and tragedies with co-workers during working hours. Avoid talking about husband-wife fights,love problems,financial hurdles and other such topics. It may have a negative impact on work efficiency. Focus on the present and it will provide you some mental space away from your problems.

3)Avoid use of office technology for personal use
You must be responsible while using office technology like telephones, fax machines, printers and computers. Making never ending personal calls from office phone,online chatting, using social networking sites,visiting banned websites or watching videos show highly unprofessional behaviour.Limit personal use if it is important to use it.

4)Dress inappropriately
Many offices these days are adopting a casual dress code, and while that might be good for your comfort and wallet, it also opens the door to poor decisions.No matter how laid-back your office environment might seem,don’t make the mistake of wearing clothing that’s too revealing, ripped,or just plain unlaundered.Wearing T-shirt and a pair of jeans to office exhibits unprofessional attitude.
Along these lines, avoid t-shirts with potentially offensive language or slogans.

5)Avoid being a chatter box
Constant chatting with co-workers can disturb everyone. Keep your conversations short and crisp when you are working. You can indulge in small conversations but do not disturb the work environment with constant babbling.

6)Handle office property with care
Always handle office property such as machines, furniture and electronic equipments with care. Do not be harsh while using office property. Act responsible while handling important materials such as files, folders, documents and confidential data. 

7)Avoid eating at desk
Do not eat near or on your desk. Accidents do happen and you do not want to ruin important documents or your keyboard. Some offices may allow eating at desks but it is advisable to eat lunch at office canteens or other places. 

8 )Do not stay absent without genuine reason
Taking an off from work and giving fake reasons about ill health is highly irresponsible behavior.As an employee you have official holidays and leaves.Do take advantage of these leaves.
If you have genuine reasons for being absent from office inform your colleague or the Human Resource in charge.Provide all details of pending work and submissions.Make sure you are available on your mobile.

9)Avoid being late
Do not arrive late at office.Record of coming late can lay a bad impression on your superiors and bosses. It is better to arrive five minutes earlier or on time.When you come late,you need more time to settle down and you end up wasting time which can be used to complete important tasks.If you have a genuine reason for coming late,inform the designated person stating the reason of delay. It shows that you are responsible.

10)Not flushing the toilet.
No one can quite figure out why people don’t think they need to flush the toilet, but it’s high on the list of gross habits at work.Make it an habit to flush the toilet in public or the person following you into the restroom is going to get an unpleasant surprise.

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