Five Reasons Why Nigerians Might Vote APC In 2019

In 2015, Nigerians decided to say no to a government of oppression, depression and a leader who was incompetent.

16 years of misrule, maladministration and a fraudulent government, it was like the PDP charm had expired and the leaders were on a frantic mission to renew its efficacy.

The opposition party had been gaining popularity ratings, several PDP stalwarts were leaving the fold and embracing the change agenda. Their campaign promises worked like magic in the minds of people.

It was like a revolution. Almost all the streets were filled with billboards of Osinbajo and Buhari smiling in them. Promises of 5,000 naira as social security, employment opportunities, and improved electricity generation all amounting to an improved future living for Nigerians.

PDP was running, not helter-skelter though but in a zigzag direction. Several leaders left the party, some of the state party leaders were not together, the umbrella has been penetrated by rain drops. All these culminated in PDP’s loss in the 2015 elections.

However, the kind of change which we all voted for in 2015 hasn’t arrived yet. We’ve ran out of impatience, we are fed up, the suffering has become more intense.

The rich keeps enjoying, driving posh cars, eating nutritious meals, spending money lavishly while the poor is in a state of recluse, just like a dilapidated building. Even as 2019 general elections looms in less than two years, these are reasons why Nigerians might vote APC;

1. PDP Is Still Power Lustful

PDP, the main opposition party is hungry for power, seeking for it in every state. They are obsessed with it yet the party still has two factions.

Even already, the party has started making plans for 2019, holding closed door meetings with stakeholders.

However, it seems Nigerians won’t be fooled this time around, the damage done by the party in their 16 years of misrule is enough to even vote KOWA in 2019.

2. We’ve Started Seeing Changes

Already, APC has started fulfilling its campaign promises.

From the 5,000 naira social security to the employment generation(N-Power), the country seems to be stable again.

3. APC Needs To Be Given Time

Several infrastructural projects put in place in strategic states are ongoing and it might take beyond 2019 before they are completed.

This might compel the average Nigerian to vote for them in 2019.

4. More Money Needs To Be Recovered

Remember the colossal amount of money recovered in those Lekki apartments? What about those ministers who are been probed currently for misappropriation of funds?

Some have them are still undergoing investigation and if PDP is to be voted in, it might use the EFCC to witch-hunt the Buhari-led administration and also terminate all money repatriation process.

5. 16 Years Of Agony

Every Nigerian would remember those years as a period of doom. Our oil reserves went down, the excess crude account started blinking “battery low”, every Nigerian remembers this and it might take years to wipe away these sad memories.

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