8 Things You Need For A Home Date Night


What could be the possible reasons for a date night setup at home? A busier life? A stressful day at
work? To keep your dates behind a veil? Or simply because it’s one of those rare nights where you find
the home all alone for yourselves? Whatever the reason, there are also considerable benefits to having
an in-house date night. For example, dining at the house, in a romantic setup, will bring out some of the
forgotten memories from the past. How every painting on the wall found its place, how the decisions were
taken to place each object where they are right now, the hugs and goodbyes before every business trip,
the bitter-sweet arguments, and what not. It helps you dust off and re-read the book about this very house
which was structured into what you now call as your home. And to help you prepare yourself for the
perfect date night, we list down the essentials that one must have at hand.

1. The favorite food – cooked or ordered?

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Through good food. If you are a woman who’s reading
this, then you already know what has to be done here. And for our male readers, with no past experience
in meal preparations, they better take this one quite seriously! And the question arises whether the cook
should be hand-cooked or ordered? Well, that totally depends on the amount of time you have in hand. If
you think dressing up in your finest attire and other preparations are more important than cooking food,
then waste no time and ring your most liked restaurant. But if you have taken a day-off and have enough
time in hand, put in that effort for a good smile at the dining table. After all, nothing is superior to hand-
cooked food.

2. Board games

If you are a board game freak, there could be nothing more exciting than having a sweet-little fight over a
board game. Cheating in a relationship is bad, but cheating in a board game and then confessing it at the
end can gift the couple with a good laugh at the end of it. You can even opt for a quick session of a game
of cards if you want to spend some extra time in challenging your partner. To make things a little more
romantic, the winner can present the loser with a gift (yes, not the loser gifting the winner), to keep their
smile alive for the end.

3. The theme

It’s not Halloween yet, but there’s always room for taking your date night to the next level by sticking to a
fancy theme. And by theme we are not only talking about the dress code, even the setup of your room
and the decoration can be based on a fixed theme. Our suggestions include colored themes like all red or
all black, fun theme like a favorite childhood cartoon character, or a theme based on science like star-
filled ceiling which is trending these days. And if nothing goes well, you can always end up in a romantic
theme with a good deal on accessories from Lovehoney voucher codes.

4. Reliving the old memories.

The only albums we know of today are the folders in our phone. But we are not talking about that, of
course. Bringing out your old albums (the actual ones) where each picture has its own story to tell. Every
flip and turn on the album can enliven our eyes with smiles and perhaps, tears of joy. These are buried
treasures that have to be brought out once in a while to remind us where we’ve come from and where
we’ve finally accomplished to reach.

5. A session of dance

Making it less emotional, this one is a mandatory for all couples. Arguments like ‘I have no experience in
dancing’ or ‘Dancing is not meant for me’ are just not acceptable. It’s just you and your beloved at your
home, with no one around to judge your steps. Even if you are experienced dancers, you will end up
doing those slow, unhurried steps with a lot of mistakes. It’s the eye contact while holding your partner
that will win the show and fill your hearts with content. Just dance the night away!

6. The questionnaire!

A home date night cannot be completed without a blast. And nothing has more potential than a flurry of
question chits. And if you thought your partner knew everything about you after all these years of
togetherness, it’s time to run the litmus test of love on them. Prepare chits with questions about yourself
and challenge them for a quick Q & A. Have them write their answers on the same piece of paper and
store your questionnaire in a memorable jar. We just hope this game doesn’t start a war!

7. The dress, of course!

We’ve kept the best for the end. Most couples look to dress in attires which make them look the most
beautiful. And even though that’s a fair choice, we suggest bringing a change in this trend. For example,
wear what your partner thinks suits best on you. Or wear the dress which you wore on your first date,
even if it’s a misfit, there’s no one around you to judge. You can even dress for fun, by ending up in a
casual pajama night to end the complication.

8. A date to plan the next date?

Because, why not? It’s been a long night preparing dishes, playing games and dancing to music. End
your date with a warm snuggle and discuss your future date plans which can include anything from a
fancy hotel date to the next theme for the next in-house date. And if your partner is a travelling enthusiast,
you both can plan for your next honeymoon destination.

Have fun!

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