6 Signs You Are Just A Side Chick

Men are polygamous in nature and for that reason; most of them find it very difficult to stick with a partner. No matter how hard you try to satisfy him, if he his going to cheat on you, he will.

In the world of dating, having a side chick or a side dude cannot be over emphasized as it has become a norm. A guy having a side chick is due to lack of contentment which is one of the many reasons they go in search of one.

Who is a side chick? A side chick is basically a female secondary partner to a guy who primarily satisfies his needs. Most ladies don’t know they are JUST a side chick while some do.

The biggest questions remains, how do you even know you are a side chick? If the signs below describe your relationship, you might be one.

No social media evidence linking both of you together: He gets all cranked up and pissed each time you both are together and you try to post a picture or video of you both to instagram, twitter or Snapchat. He gives flimsy excuses why he doesn’t want you to post. He simply knows that will give off the vibe that you two are a thing and something is going on. Remember, this is because he doesn’t want his main girlfriend asking questions about who you are.

You don’t know his friends: If you are not his priority, there is no way you would ever know his clique, those he really rolls with. Although, if you both have common friends, then he would ONLY hang out with you around his friends and avoid one-on-one dates or meet-ups. He tries as much as possible to keep you away from his family and friends.

You two don’t go on dates: As a side chick, you both might not be going to different places together for “security reasons”. If you go anywhere, it is always the same place, over and over again. And most times, you guys go to places that are less populated because he doesn’t want to risk running into anyone when he is with you because that will give a tip off you both are into each other. Imagine you guys in the mall and he runs into his main girlfriend. For this reason, you both might not be going out that much.

He texts during “booty calls” only: Yay! As a side chick, this is where your needs are needed the most. Don’t be deceived by the “I love you” of a thing. This is when you hear all kind of sweet words and different promises. This is usually between 10 pm and 6 am. Any texts you receive during this timeframe asking to “hang out” can only be perceived as one thing: a booty call.

He has built a wall around you: Pay attention, the son of a bitch knows you both together is just temporary and so he closes any emotional aspects of your “relationship” because he doesn’t want to get too attached to you.

This is one of the reasons why he gives the lackadaisical attitude when you talk about your stressful day at work.

He obviously knows that if he gets too attached and all emotional with you, it would be impossible for him to dump you like a piece of poo within a month.

You are simply not a priority: As the above signs are essential red flags of being a side chick, it all leads to ONE POINT: You are simply not just a priority in his life. He is using you to while away the time.

When we think about a side chick, we often associate it with another woman, but that’s not always the case. His main chick could be his friend, work, school or a combination of them all.

Source: Signal NG

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