Rapper Rick Ross Returns To The Stage After Health Issues

You don’t need to be Rick Ross’s doctor to see what a remarkable turnaround he’s had.
The 42-year-old rapper – who was hospitalized earlier this month amid a major health scare involving his heart – was back onstage Sunday in Las Vegas at The Light, a nightclub inside of Mandalay Bay.
Ross, whose full name is William Leonard Roberts II, took the stage for a set at the nightclub inside of Mandalay Bay in front of a throng of adoring fans.

The outing was far from a drop-in cameo, as Ross performed a set that consisted of multiple tracks, TMZ reported.
Despite his heroics, Ross didn’t make the night about himself, as he led a chant in support of his peer Meek Mill, chanting, ‘Free Meek Mill!’

Meek Mill, 30, remains in custody in his native Philadelphia in connection with a probation violation stemming back a decade, a point of controversy among his fans and legal watchdogs.
Ross earlier this month spent four days in a Florida hospital after an eyewitness said that he was ‘not breathing right’ and ‘slobbing out the mouth’ in a 911 call placed in the wee hours on March 1.
‘I have a friend of mine, at his house, he’s breathing hard and throwing up. I need an ambulance here ASAP,’ the reporting party said in the 911 call. ‘I know he’s had seizures before. He took his medicine earlier, but he’s not breathing right.’

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