“Kids Now Come Online To Insult Their Elders On Social Media” – Singer Morachi

Morachi has Spoken! Morachi has said that its not every person you see on social media are actually adults, because even adults behave like the little kids he was talking about, some of you here are guilty of this writeup! You derive joy in degrading and insulting other people, meanwhile you are not any better, repent and be whom God wants you to be.

In an Instagram post, Morachi who is angered about the trending cyber bullies who turn out to be kids even though, some of them are adults, decided to preach on DISRESPECTING PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

See what he wrote below:

Little kids of this generation manage to make money and disrespect their elders…..majority of the so called internet bullies are all young generation kids!!!! You come on the internet and rain insults on people who are your elders!!!! Trace this internet bullies to their various homes and you will realize they equally have no respect or regard for their mothers and fathers / elders….how do you want to receive blessings when you have no respect for people who have been existing on earth before you? I am sorry to say this but aint no future leaders for children who don’t value their elders……We must go back and trace our footsteps to where we got it all wrong!!!! My job on earth ain’t to make music for you all but also spread this mental education…i love you all but yall gotta start doing things right and it starts from home!!!! Any child who respect their elders ( anyone older than you ) will never come on social media and disrespect their elders!!!! Things re going wrong with the youths and this must be fixed if yall want to be the leaders of tomorrow….Do not let civilization Ruin you!!!! Forget your PhD/Masters degree!!!!! The place where wisdom will take you your school education won’t!!!! This same new generation is the reason why good healthy music is dead and wack music exist!!!!! Same young generation have taken over the media houses and so corrupt and allow dead materials in exchange for money…….Youths fix your damn selves before this madness becomes too late or else it’s y’all unborn generations that will suffer the wrath!!!!!A word is enough for the wise!!!!! You little children respect yourselves & watch how great y’all gonna be!!!! #Youths #Elders #TheFuture #wisdom #wise #wisewords #learn #listen #dearFutureLeaders”

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