You Are Broke! Runtown Brother Scold Record Label Boss Okwudili

Nigerian musician Runtown is not in any way letting the boss of Eric Manny by name Okwudili go scot free after taking him to court two times under two years.

Eric Manny had issued that the singer has not been keeping up to his side of the agreement rather he has continuously been breaching the contract he signed.

The court had slammed Runtown with an interim injunction and Okwudili has issued that he pay a sum of seventy million naira to the record label and this has not gone down perfectly with the singer.

The brother of Runtown also had to interfere in bashing the record CEO, Runtown has issued that Okwudili is only trying to exhort money from him unjustly.

When you live life beyond your means and go broke, don’t try to live off the next man.” He said.

Joining the bashing his brother said that Okwudili couldn’t manage his car business well now he wants to come feed out of another man’s hard work.

Let’s see who will win this case, as Kiss Daniel was recently reported to have won his own against his former label G- Worldwide.

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