‘F**k The Right D**k You Will Own What I Own At 26’ – Bobrisky Says As He Shows Off Life Achievements

Controversial Snapchat king, Bobrisky has taken to the platform to show off all he has acquired at only 26 years of age.

Sharing his success story, he shared pictures of his home, his closet and his jewelry boxes but didn’t forget to acknowledge the hand behind his success.

According to Bobrisky , he never could have achieved this much without his mystery bae by his side, and if he hadn’t kept their relationship a secret for four years he could have lost him to other girls.

“I never did alone i won’t lie. i got all dis with the help of my darling my BAE. Bleep some billionaire codedly. Keep their names out of friends and social media.

My if i tell anybody who my BAE is by now i would have been this rich today. Always close your mouth. Even if you’re bleeping dad let it be an everlasting secret btw u and him.

Some people say no secret last forever. That is a fat lie. I have been with my BAE for 4yrs now and no one can trace us wen we see, or who is the BAE. My has 3 grown children with lot of billions . I’m the latest wife” he said

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