#BBATheChase Anabel and Sulu have been evicted


After nine glorious weeks in the House,Annabel’s Big Brother journey has come to an end nd now Kenya is out of The Chase. Zambian Housemate, Sulu has been Evicted from Big Brother The Chase tonight.

Just a short while after Head of HouseBimp confirmed the Housemates’ suspicions by revealing that he had saved Cleo and replaced her with Sulu on the list of Eviction Nominees, the bubbly Zambian dude then learnt that his stay in the House has come to an end.

As soon as IK made the announcement that her time had come to an end, the Kenyan hugged and kissed her fellow Housemates and exclaimed: “Love you guys,” as she walked out gracefully.

For so long the vivacious – AnnaBanana as she has affectionately become known – seemed like the cat with nine lives. Week after week, she was Nominated by her fellow Housemates and each time she proved to be one of the strongest contenders in The Chase with Africa saving her from the grasps of the Eviction gallows a total of four times. But tonight her good fortune has come to an end.

During her Nomination Diary session earlier this evening, Annabel shared her last words for Africa. She said: “Just be who you are because you can never just impress everybody”





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