Canada’s Most Musical Cities

A Look at the Most Musical Canadian Cities

I never dreamed I’d be relocating from Australia to Canada. As a musician and music teacher, taking a look at the most musical Canadian cities was more than just necessary – it was fun! Choosing a city wasn’t just about music, I also had to find a place to live. 


My first visit was to Toronto, home to hundreds of live music venues; including cafes, clubs, bars, and larger arenas. Located in Ontario, Toronto is the largest city in Canada. In addition to numerous music venues, Toronto offers large downtown parks from city squares to parks overlooking ravines. Museums, a world-class zoo, and major league sports offer culture and entertainment. Downtown neighborhoods give easy access to nightlife and shopping. 

The next stop on my look at the most musical cities of Canada was Hamilton. Also located in the province of Ontario, Hamilton is the center of an industrialized and densely populated area known as the Golden Horseshoe. There are over 50 venues for live music in Hamilton. Neighborhoods are as varied as the music played in this city.

The fourth largest city in Canada is Ottawa, the third city on my list. Also in Ontario, Ottawa is the home to a thriving music scene. From classical to underground, Ottawa has an outstanding independent music scene with multiple music festivals catering to almost – if not all – genres and tastes.

Again located in Ontario, Kingston was the next city on my list. Kingston offers multiple festivals for music, art, writing, film and performing arts … perfect for the amateur musician. Parks along waterfronts as well as famous fresh-water sailing and wreck diving add ample opportunity for outdoor recreation.

The final city in my tour of the most musical Canadian cities was Guelph. Guelph is notable as a player in the indie rock scene and for their Hillside Festival as well as the Guelph Jazz Festival. In addition, art centers, outdoor attractions and a ranking as one of the country’s best places to live. Other factors include low unemployment rates, low crime rates, environmental protection and a great standard of living.

In general, my time exploring Canada was eye-opening. I didn’t expect such temperate weather, or the level of friendliness shown to tourist. Although I enjoyed every city I visited (and some in between), I had to decide which city to relocate to. Factors included the musicality of the city, the options for outdoor recreation, and housing prices.





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