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Trump’s Favourite Proverb Is From Nigeria – BBC

Welcoming the Irish prime minister to the White House President Donald Trump quoted one of his favourite proverbs: “Always remember to forget the friends that proved untrue. But never forget to remember those who have stuck by you.” Many Irish …

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3 Men Charged Over Live Streamed Rape

Prosecutors on Wednesday charged three men to court on Wednesday in connection with the rape of a Swedish woman that was streamed online earlier this year, a prosecutor said. Two of the men aged 18 and 20 were charged with …

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Spain has appointed its first Minister of Sex

Prime minister Mariano Rajoy appointed Edelmira Barreira as the country’s sex tsar to get Spaniards to produce more babies. The country is faced with a population crisis, with fewer births than deaths recorded for the first time last year. Experts …

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