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8 killed as Terrorists Attack Tunisian Museum

Two militants shot dead 8 people at Bardo Museum in Tunisia on Wednesday and took 30 people hostage. The terrorists were subsequently killed after a dramatic police raid, Daily Mail reports. Sources say seven of the casualties were foreigners from …

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Chris Brown has a 9 months old daughter?

25 year old Chris Brown is a father to a nine month old daughter. TMZ broke the news, stating Chris Brown’s baby’s mother is a 31 year old model named Nia, not his current girlfriend of many years, 26 year old Karrueche …

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Leonard Nimoy, ‘Star Trek’s’ Spock, Dies at 83

Leonard Nimoy, the actor known and loved by generations of “Star Trek” fans as the pointy-eared, purely logical science officer Mr. Spock, has died. Nimoy’s son, Adam Nimoy, said the actor died Friday of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at …

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Chris Brown lashes out a super fan on instagram

When Chris Brown loses control, he goes all out. After a super fan (who wrote many times that she loved him) scolded the singer for disrespecting Rihanna and Karrueche in recent interviews, Chris fired back telling her she and the …

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South Korea legalizes adultery

From forcing people to go on vacation to have sex and produce more babies, to renting boyfriends and now they are legalizing adultery. South Korea has formally legalized adultery in their country…but not in a bad way! The South Korean …

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