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Gambia begins financial probe into ex-President, Yahya Jammeh

A commission in charge of investigating former President Yahya Jammeh’s finances has started its hearings in Gambia.   The country’s ministry of justice believes that tens of million dollars of public money was looted from state funds by the former leader during his 22-year rule.  Three …

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Cartoon Network Denies Airing Pornographic Content

A report of an obscene picture displayed on the children targeted television channel has met widespread criticism. DStv’s Cartoon Network, in the face of criticism concerning an adult content reportedly aired on its channel, has released a statement to calm …

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Marijuana company buys an entire town in California for $5 million

An entire town of 120 acres called ‘NIPTON’ has been bought by American Green Inc., amarijuana focused technology and growing company based in Arizona at a reported price of about $ 5 million. The company plans to make Nipton the country’s first energy-independent, cannabis-friendly hospitality …

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Two pilots suspended for letting a 10-year-old fly a plane

Two pilots working for Algeria’s national airline have been suspended because they allowed a 10-year-old orphan to fly a domestic passenger aircraft. The report says the boy’s adventure was funded by a charity and filmed by El Bilad TV, who show him dressed for …

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