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Queen Elizabeth II photobombs girl’s selfie

Queen Elizabeth II was at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in Scotland  when she snuck up on a selfie being taken by 2 female hockey players from Australia. The selfiers  Jayde Taylor and Brooke Peris  immediately knew they snapped gold and …

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Adele 1-Year-Old Son Wins Major Cash In Paparazzi Lawsuit

Adele’s 1-year-old son Angelo will get a 5-figure settlement from paparazzi after the singer sued a British photo agency for ruining her son’s “milestone moments.” Adele sued Corbis Images UK accusing the agency’s photos of illegally taking and posting pics …

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Sagging Banned In Florida, Attracts Six Months Jail Term

A central Florida city is banning low-riding pants, becoming the latest community in the country to outlaw a fashion choice that intentionally exposes underwear or buttocks. Pull up your pants, offenders will be warned under the ordinance approved on Tuesday …

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