Hit Fox TV Show “Empire” Has Been Sued Again


Hit FOX show Empire has been sued again and this time for five hundred million dollars.

Ever since the hit show made its debut on FOX, quite a number of people have emerged claiming the show was their original idea and was stolen from them.

The recent person making such claims being Marvin Gaye’s son.

But just in case the producers of the show thought the lawsuits were done, they were wrong.

Another person has emerged with claims of the show being stolen from him and is trying to sue the show’s producers for five million dollars.

According to TMZ, Jon Astor-White claims that the idea was originally his and that he originally faxed a treatment around with the story which then was titled, “King Solomon”

Astor-White apparently had a cast list which included Alicia Keys and Kanye West.

Whoa looks like everyone’s idea was Empire.

It won’t be a surprise if someone from the middle east or anywhere else in the world sues the executive producers in the near future, seeing as this idea seems to be everyone’s.




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