Mosque Used By Boko Haram In Kogi Destroyed


A mosque which was overtaken by the Boko Haram terrorists group and was used as an operational base in Kogi state was today destroyed on the order of the state governor. Read below what was shared by the Senior Special Assistant on New Media to the Governor of Kogi State Petra Akinti Onyegbule…..

Ahlul-Sunnah Mosque in Inike, Okene LGA which was taken over by members of the Boko Haram terrorist group. The Nigerian Army got Intel that members of BH used the mosque as operational base and came here in 2015. It was a battle. You can see signs of the gun duel on the building.

It still stood. Used for producing IEDs. Some of the fundamentalists still gathered here clandestinely in the name of Islam to plan and hatch evil.

GYB says no more ….
It is coming down as I type.





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