Trailer: Kpians: The Feast of Souls


Kpians: The Feast of Souls is a horror thriller produced by Grace Edwin-Okon, and directed by Stanlee Ohikhuare. It stars Ashionye Raccah, Ijeoma Agu, Kiki Omeili, Kelechi Udegbe, Oyekunle Oluwakemi, and Leonora Okine. Also in the movie are Taiwo Casper, Uzor Osimkpa, Meg Otanwa, Adeyemi Okanlawon, and Tunbosun Aiyedehin.

Dan invites his closest friends to his late parents’ house in the outskirts of town. The area is just being developed and their parents are about the first people to erect a building there. After their death under strange and inexplicable circumstances, the house is abandoned for over six years. Tracy is believed to have flown out of the country ever since.

It’s the sixth anniversary of their parents’ demise and Tracy is expected back in the country to pay respect. Dan calls his friends to come with him so as to make Tracy’s return memorable and to help cheer her up with some sort of partying.

The entire group is about to get caught up in a series of chilling unfolding events that they are completely unprepared for.




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